Training Groups

Stroke School*

Ages 6-10yrs

This is the entry level for the Seals. Athletes focus on stroke technique and kicking with an emphasis on breathing, balance and having fun. Swimmers are also introduced to relays, turns, the clock, drills and basic water safety. To enter this group, athletes should be able to:
· Listen and follow directions without being disruptive.

· Be comfortable underwater and be able to exhale under water
· Be able to jump in and get to the side out of their depth.
Float face down and on back
· Swim 15 yds any style.

As they progress, swimmers will improve stroke technique, kicking and the development of good training habits. Athletes swim longer distances, applying skills with more fluidity and confidence. Swimmers can also begin to attend meets for training and practice.

Bronze, Silver & Gold: Competitive*

Ages 8-18yrs

As athletes move into competitive training groups the workouts become more challenging. There is a consistent emphasis on technique as well as building stamina. Athletes are introduced to more complex sets and start to generate ownership of their sport. Swimmers begin to understand the importance of setting personal goals and maintaining a supportive team environment. This level of training is for committed athletes. The workouts are challenging and there is an emphasis on goal-setting for personal growth. All swimmers are expected to attend dryland and have time between the end of dryland and the beginning of practice to grab a snack and change for swimming. Technique continues to be foundational to the practice, yet drills become part of building stamina and speed. Swimmers need to be self motivated and ‘own’ swimming as their sport without parental pressure to attend either practice or meets. Personal Achievement, Team Unity and Competitive Excellence are the priorities at this level.

* Placement is by coaches only.Save